Affordable Moonwalk offers a complete line of top quality inflatable jumpers, funhouses, interactive games, for you
Moonwalk Business. Each unit is custom made in America with high quality 18 oz. PVC coated vinyl.  Each seam is
double stitched to withstand wear and reinforced at high stress points.

Each unit comes with 1 HP blower and 2 year seam warranty, and FREE STEP !

With a small initial investment, you could start your own part time business or expand your existing rental business.  
Many moonwalk jumpers are for sale for less than $2000.  Popular themes.  Castles.  Funhouses. Interactive games
and slides.  Let us know if we can help.

We also custom make a complete line of advertising inflatable balloons, sky tubes, air dancers and custom designs.
Obstacle Courses
Advertising Balloons
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We are an inflatable manufacturer.  We sell moonwalks, jumpy castles, inflatables, you name it, we make it.  Inflatable slides, slip n
slides, jumpers, castles, funhouses, promotional inflatables.  We manufacture advertising balloons, advertising sky tubes, air
dancers, giant gorillas, giant promotional items.  We ship to California, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, New York, Florida, Mississippi,
South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennesse, Puerto Rico, Panama, and beyond.  We repair
moonwalk jumpers.  We  repair inflatable slides and castles.

We manufacture advertising inflatables here in the United States.  We manufacture giant advertising balloons, dancing sky tubes,
and also make custom inflatables for any promotional needs.  We distribute jumpy castles, inflatable slides, and inflatable
interactive equipment like bungee runs, inflatable boxking rings, giant obstacle courses, amazon extreme, as well as kiddie slides.
We stock a complete line of inflatable moonwalk jumpers, giant slides, inflatable interactives such as bungee runs, jousts,
boxing ring, velcro walls, jumpy castles, moonbouncers, moon-walkers, that can be rented out.  Start you own business
renting moonwalks and backyard slides to backyard birthday parties.  Some companies rent out to large corporate events, like
schools, churches, and business.
Affordable Moonwalk offers a complete line of top superiority jumpers, inflatable mazes,
interactive games. All pieces are made from 18 oz. PVC covered vinyl. Each seam is stitched
twice to resist wear and reinforced on high stress points.

Each jumper includes a 1 HP blower and 2 year seam warranty.
All inflatables as well as games include one blower and a 1 year seam warranty.

With a small initial investment, you could begin a part time commerce or add on to an existing
leasing trade. Many inflatable jumpers are sold for less than $2000. Popular themes. Castles.
Jumpers. Interactive games and mazes. If you need assistance, we're simply one phone call

We have been successful in the Inflatable Party Rental trade for years and can help you be
successful too. If you aren't scared of hard work, a slight investment and spending time, you
may have what it takes to begin what could be an extremely lucrative part time or full time